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Matthieu has been teaching the violin for over 10 years. Matthieu is keen to extend the knowledge he acquired through his studies to all aspiring musicians. Passionate about teaching, Matthieu teaches from the beginner level to the advanced and professional level. In addition, Matthieu is also able to prepare students for college, university and orchestral auditions. His students range from all ages including 5-year- old's to mature adults.


Lesson length ranges from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Matthieu adapts his teaching methods to serve the needs of all students. He uses a mixture of the Suzuki method with other method books as well as etudes and specific exercises. In these lessons, you will learn proper technique and develop your musicianship. You will also learn the basics of music theory and ear training.


Please write to Matthieu for lesson rates, studio policy and availability. Matthieu looks forward to meet you!



















" I couldn’t be happier with Matthieu as a teacher. It can be hard to get teachers to take you seriously when you’re an adult learner. Matthieu understands where I’m coming from and sees what I need. He is really great at finding just the right exercise that lets me target a particular skill. He’s also super patient and encouraging, and very kind! I feel so comfortable playing in front of him, whereas other teachers have terrified me. He is highly qualified and has a remarkable ear: he doesn’t let me get away with sloppy intonation! All in all, he inspires me to want to do my best. His explanations are clear and to-the-point, though he can also dive as deep into the nitty-gritty of technique as you'd like. But he never forgets that technique is there to serve performance. The repertoire pieces he sets for me are challenging, but never impossible. This is my third year taking lessons with him and I am super happy with my progress under his guidance. " - Lesley McCubbin

Photo credit: Nadine Coulombe


“...he was great! He knows what he’s talking about, he shows you examples and helps you achieve your own personal goals. Definitely recommend!”

—  Kevin Bailey 

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